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I know this sounds kind of weird because it’s 2018 and everyone should know they need a website, but why? Here’s a fun fact, More than 3 billion people use the internet every day, and 90% are consumers. Think about that, really sit there and think about it. Just when you think you’re doing great, it hits you. There’s so many people you’re not reaching. So much money being left on the table.

You have to ask yourself, am I spending money on the wrong things?
For example, I had a marketing meeting in a very small town in Florida, with an even smaller bar. This was more of a consultation to see if I could help him get a younger crowd. This bar was an old school biker bar, it was very dingy and dark, he had a nice outside patio where he wanted to host college parties. He kept saying he already knew what he was doing. so I asked him

       “What do you do to gain more customers?”

He looks at me and with a very sarcastic grin on his face and said

       “I spend almost $1000 on ads every month.”


Website SEO Brand Rescue

What kind of ads may you ask? NEWSPAPER ADS! I know, it sounds crazy but this is an extreme example of bad spending. Especially because he’s trying to target a younger crowd. You have to make sure you’re targeting the right market, if not you’re wasting your time. Some people are stuck in their ways they do not understand why they need online marketing. Business owners who spend more on the aesthetics of their place rather than getting it on the map usually spend more money and have a lower return on investment. A website is like a portfolio, every time you meet someone you give them your card and most of the time they will go on your social media.

A lot of people try to just put their website on their card so that people will be forced to go on their website to see their work. The key here is to make them follow everything you do. Go head and put your social media on there, I make sure they are all the same, this way they just have to put @BrandRescue and I know they will find me.

Brand Rescue Alex Isabella Website SEO

No matter what platform they use Facebook, InstagramTwitter etc. They will find you and follow you so make sure your website is on your social media biography so that its easy for people to click it. If I’m a follower and I’m on your Instagram and your website is on there I’m going to go on it. It’s curiosity, not only do I want to know what you do, but I want to know how professional you are. What does your website looks like? What kind of vibe and structure does it have? Are you selling anything and is your website easy to navigate?


“Increase the value of your business by making a great website that will draw people in and keep them coming back.”

— Brand Rescue

Your website creates value as a business, for a loan for example. The perceived value of your business doesn’t end with a website but it’s a pretty good start. A website will allow you to also target people who are not into social media, surprisingly this is common. It will make sure you’re updating your website regularly will make people want to come back.

Having a website is one, if not the most important thing you need to start a business. You have to be willing to put the time and effort to make sure it looks the way you feel about your passion. Most importantly, it’s about attracting the right people and getting organic leads to make sure you are spending less money per lead. By organic I mean people who are actually searching for you or companies like you for services. That’s the difference between loyal followers and ghost followers.