We all want to take quality pictures but not all of us are photogenic. One of the first things you learn in our marketing courses is to take advantage of what you have. This includes learning to take better pictures. You may not have all of the equipment to take magnificent pictures. Fortunately, to take better pictures like the stars we see on our feed. You don’t need a studio, it is all about the lighting and the camera.

I don’t care what anyone says, you need a camera and not just any camera. You see, a lot of people take pictures on their phones. Now, this may be acceptable but it does not enhance your brand. Make every photo look like you were in a studio with an actual photographer because that is the goal. We have compiled a list of things you need to take the best pictures!


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If you don’t know much about cameras just know the Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR is the best camera you can buy for what you need. It has 24.2 megapixels and it shoots at a wide ISO range of ISO 100–16000 (expandable to 25600) for stills and ISO 100–12800 (expandable to 16000/25600) for movies. In simpler terms, it’s great for landscape pictures and videos. We found it on Amazon for $999.00 and it’s on PRIME(Can’t live without it) We use this camera with clients and we are still amazed at what it can do.

Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best CameraIt comes with a Vari-angle Touchscreen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II. In other words, the screen is able to rotate in different directions. This is great for angles and selfies, not to mention blogging and full HD 60p videos as well. It performed brilliantly in low-light shooting even without a flash. I suggest you use one of Canon’s EF or EF-S lenses with it. Check out the bundles with lens and tripod!

This lens has the ability to magnify distant objects, it also compresses the space between subjects within the frame and with a shallow depth of field at its longer lengths. This feature focuses on your face while blurring the back round perfectly. Which in turn, will allow you to take better pictures. This is an inexpensive lens for only $77.75! Amazon has a great bundle package with filters!  

Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Camera2. RING LIGHT

Let’s say you are happy with the camera that you have. You still need lighting to enhance your pictures. It doesn’t matter how good the camera is, it will never be as good as your eyes. What you see is not what you get when it comes to pictures.

Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Camera

However, if you’re using your iPhone, lighting is all you need to worry about. Whether you’re taking a selfie or an actual picture you need lighting! This Compact Fluorescent Ring Light from Stellar is a must if you do makeup or if you’re used to recording inside with a tripod. You can get a tripod on its own for about $23.49.

I love the halo effect the ring light creates in the eyes, it looks angelic (or just a circle of light in your eyeballs.) Regardless, it looks good and Stellar is a great brand, it’s on sale for $169.99 with prime. I have bought other ring lights before and most of them brake after a short period of time. I have had this light for almost 11 months and it still looks brand new. You can always get the Neewer Ring Light with the stand and filters for $89.99 with Prime. In order to take better pictures that your followers will appreciate, you have to invest.


Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Camera

The Canon MR-14EX II Macro Ring Light is a full investment, sitting at a pretty $549.00 with prime, it is so worth it! If you take your pictures seriously, your followers will take you seriously.

This light is great to carry with you and take pictures at night. Remember to adjust the brightness for night shots. They are really hard to get sometimes, but if you make the investment they can come out great! You can also get the Neewer Macro TTL Ring Flash Light for $64.99Not as bright but still, a good price, because let’s face it, you can start out small and build your way up. You can still take better pictures and learn from every single bad angle you have ever captured.


Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Light

Introducing most of my clients best friend, the QIAYA Ring Light for Camera, on Prime for $15.99. Rule #1 If you have to use your phone, make sure you have good lighting. This will be the difference between a good picture and a pixelated mediocre one.

“Rule #1 If you have to use your phone, make sure you have good lighting. ”

— Brand Rescue

There is no shame in taking pictures with your phone, it’s a perfect start if you do it right. There are times where we post pictures taken from a phone and no one could tell the difference.


Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Camera Remote

Now that you know you need light, let’s talk about stability. It’s obvious that you can’t take your own pictures from a distance. However, it’s unrealistic to think someone around you is always going to be willing to take your pictures. Not only that but we always say, no one knows your angles like you do.

The $8.99 Foto & Tech Wireless Remote Control allows you to set up the camera on a tripod and take great pictures by yourself without having to bother anyone. I personally like the BONFOTO tripodit’s$94.99 and I love it because it has a nice aluminum alloy ball head that allows it to rotate to a full 360 degrees. This comes in handy when you’re taking panoramic shots. It also comes with a really nice compact bag in addition to helping you take better pictures at different angles.

Brand Rescue Take Better Pictures Best Camera Bag

It’s hard to carry around the tripod and the camera all at the same time so I recommend you get a bag like the Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack this will keep your camera and your remote all in one place. You need to make sure that you protect your camera, it is very fragile and expensive.

Moral of the story, if your goal is to become an entrepreneur you need take your pictures seriously. Your business is your investment and your passion is your goal. To learn more ways to gain followers, go login into our chapters on social media, websites, and SEO. Learn how to be your own boss. and don’t forget to read our other blog on the 10 traits brand should emphasize in their marketing campaigns.